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Top three great reasons to become an online reseller

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Many people have dreamed of what it would be like to say goodbye to their day jobs or supplement their income by going into business for themselves. One of the best ways to go about doing this nowadays is to become an online reseller. A reseller is an individual or small business that resells products and services that were produced by someone else. There are many great advantages that a reseller can enjoy, each of which could lead to the promotion of ones own brand, higher profits and less stress in life.

A reseller that deals primarily with online services, such as SEO, PPC and email and website hosting, will not have almost any of the normal expenditures that someone reselling physical products will have. An individual that resells physical goods typically has to purchase them and then mark them up in order to make a profit. In between that, they may also have to pay for space to house their inventory in and postage for shipping.

An online reseller that deals in services is only arranging the sale on behalf of the company they are reselling for, so they will not have to worry about any of these costs. On the contrary, all they will have to worry about is making sales and maintaining good customer relations. The main internet marketing or service company behind them does all of the heavy lifting. A reseller that decides to white label the services will get to put their name on them. They will never have to implement or monitor them, but they will be the ones getting all of the credit.

Those that decide to work as an online reseller typically will split the profits from each sale with the company that they are selling on behalf of. Because so many of these services are very much in demand, the opportunity to make money is extraordinary. Anyone looking to promote their own brand, focus on customer service and increase their profits may find that becoming an online reseller is just the opportunity that they have been looking for.

Twitter Marketing and You

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Social media

If you are running a business, you are likely already aware of the power behind search engine optimization marketing, or have at least heard that the popular mini-blogging site, Twitter, can indeed have a profound effect on your bottom line. However, many people out there right now go about using Twitter incorrectly in one way or another if the goal is to drum up more business, and it should be noted that not all approaches will necessarily be well received.

For example, your Twitter updates should always be relevant, interesting, or entertaining to the casual reader. For example, your average client or customer probably does not care about certain developments in your industry, unless these developments are likely to affect them in some way. Use this as a litmus test as to whether or not a subject is worthy of posting on Twitter. Few people are going to want to follow a Twitter account that is full of obscure references to subjects they know and care little about.

Additionally, make sure that any Twitter updates made to your account only deal with the same type of subject once or twice in a given week. For example, when mentioning a sale or promotion on Twitter or any other social networking site, do not spam your readers pages with the same type of announcement ad nauseam. Respect their intelligence and time, and they will be likely to return this in kind. However, overposting in the manner mentioned above will lose you an epic number of followers in a hurry.

Once you have mastered these basics of Twitter posts, make sure that you respond to any direct messages from your followers as quickly and kindly as possible in order to develop a rapport. This can build a great community and loyal fan base very quickly, so make sure that you never underestimate the power of the internet!