How Resellers Make Money

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A significant amount of internet marketing focuses on generating traffic from search engines, especially since 80 percent of people never see paid advertisements. Therefore, obtaining an organic position is extremely beneficial to website owners, which is why resellers are able to make money. You see, website owners are required to outsource seo in order to compete on a level playing field. Generating traffic from major search engines, such as Google, requires search engine optimization services, and resellers take advantage of this fact. Online sales can only occur for a website owner if they are receiving exposure and traffic.

Most people never bother going past the first page of their search results. In fact, 75 percent of search engine users say they never venture beyond the first SERP. Resellers recognize the demands for web optimization because they also require exposure as well. In other words, resellers can only make money if they receive traffic and exposure, which requires search engine optimization. Ironically, Seo resellers rely on the services they are making money on when promoting web optimization to customers. It’s also important to have excellent customer communication skills as a reseller if you want to promote search engine optimization services successfully to your visitors.

It’s important to know SEO leads generate higher close rates than leads that are generated from email or sponsored advertisements. Combine that fact with how over 90 percent of internet users begin their internet experience every day on a search engine, and you have a recipe of opportunities. Resellers will continue to make money as long as these trends continue, and even eCommerce sites are expected to grow in the future. In fact, eCommerce produced 200 billion dollars in sales in 2011. Choosing the right marketing firm and reseller program are the basic hurdles that every aspiring reseller must overcome.