Look Into SEO Reseller Plans to Capitalize on This Growing Market

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In 2011, electronic commerce surpassed $200 billion, an astounding number even for the web. If you think about which companies used search engine optimization to enhance their online selling efforts and which did not, you possibly would learn that a wide majority of the success stories were accompanied by search engine optimization. This Internet marketing solution has far surpassed any other online marketing tool for various reasons, not the least of which is the hard core fact that SEO puts companies right where they want to be in the most legal and ethical fashion.

If you dug deeper, you would discover that 70 percent of links that users click on are organic in nature, and that SEO was the way that those organic links got there in the first place. Digging even further, you would realize that 75 percent of people performing an online search would not scroll beyond the initial search engine results page, or SERP. This alarming statistic is not a terrible thing, but it does drive home the dire need for search marketing.

If you kept digging, you would potentially uncover the statistic that 88.1 percent of online users 14 and older living in the U.S. used it to search for products online in 2012. Of this 88.1 percent, how many do you think ended up purchasing items they found through search engines? Probably most if not every single one of them. If these facts are not enough to convince you to start reselling SEO, perhaps nothing will. But if it worked and if you need no further convincing, start looking further into SEO reseller plans to capture this market.

SEO reseller plans are located all over the web, and understandably so. Some SEO reseller plans have everything laid out for any potential reseller to read, while others are more secretive in nature. Do not let this deter you in any way from understanding which Seo reseller plans will ultimately work for you. Know that some SEO reseller plans are secretive because they are intended for resellers and that others are more geared toward business clients. Some will have lots of cool tangential tools, while others will be very plain and straightforward. For instance, some providers will offer social media components to their Seo reseller plans because they realize that companies will reply to approximately 30 percent of their fans and followers through social media, while others will ignore it completely.

Top three great reasons to become an online reseller

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Search engines

Many people have dreamed of what it would be like to say goodbye to their day jobs or supplement their income by going into business for themselves. One of the best ways to go about doing this nowadays is to become an online reseller. A reseller is an individual or small business that resells products and services that were produced by someone else. There are many great advantages that a reseller can enjoy, each of which could lead to the promotion of ones own brand, higher profits and less stress in life.

A reseller that deals primarily with online services, such as SEO, PPC and email and website hosting, will not have almost any of the normal expenditures that someone reselling physical products will have. An individual that resells physical goods typically has to purchase them and then mark them up in order to make a profit. In between that, they may also have to pay for space to house their inventory in and postage for shipping.

An online reseller that deals in services is only arranging the sale on behalf of the company they are reselling for, so they will not have to worry about any of these costs. On the contrary, all they will have to worry about is making sales and maintaining good customer relations. The main internet marketing or service company behind them does all of the heavy lifting. A reseller that decides to white label the services will get to put their name on them. They will never have to implement or monitor them, but they will be the ones getting all of the credit.

Those that decide to work as an online reseller typically will split the profits from each sale with the company that they are selling on behalf of. Because so many of these services are very much in demand, the opportunity to make money is extraordinary. Anyone looking to promote their own brand, focus on customer service and increase their profits may find that becoming an online reseller is just the opportunity that they have been looking for.